How does it work?

Ozone is a natural gas made up of three oxygen atoms, and over time it loses its properties, turning into pure oxygen.

This originates through small electrical discharges “Corona Effect” that creates the division of oxygen particles in the air.

That is why it has the advantage of being a gas with a high oxidizing power, very useful in disinfection processes.

This process of electrical discharges for a minimum of 20 minutes generates ozone levels of 0.2PPM = 0.4 mg / m3.

Consequently, all types of viruses and bacteria that come into contact with ozone are eliminated both in the air and on surfaces.

MGO3 Ozoner

-Ozone production: 1500 mg/h (20°C -50%RH)
-Air/ozone flow: 230 m3/h
-Generator voltage and frequency: 8KV 60Hz
-Dimensions: 443 x 366 x h 130 mm.
-Weight: 7 Kg.
-Consumption 250W / 5W (stand-by)

MGO3 Sens

-Sensor resolution: 0-10PPM precision 1 PPB
-Air flow: 230 m3/h
-Dimensions: 443 x 206 x h 130 mm.
-Weight: 3.5 Kg.
-Consumption 70W / 5W (stand-by)

-Power: 220 Vac 50/60 Hz
-Included: 220 Vac power cables
-Remote activation with APP: automatic and programmable