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Certified under the standard that regulates the manufacture of ozonators UNE 400-201-94

First App-controlled Ozone Generator


Spanish - English - Italian


Networked sensors to guarantee control.


Local control via Wi-Fi or remote via Internet


"Real-time" status of cleaning in progress


System Info and machines connected graph


Hourly Ozone Level Statistics


The only one that allows the issuance of a Certificate in each sanitation cycle, giving the possibility of downloading and printing it (PDF)


Cleaning frequency control

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Super Natural and No Residue

You don’t need consumable products, no bottles, or refills.

Most importantly, it eliminates bad odors.

All it takes is just one outlet

  • Decontaminates areas up to 200 m2.
  • In 30 minutes it disinfects and eliminates viruses and bacteria
  • Keeps ozone at an optimal level and as a result protects your equipment
  • Powerful ventilation system (up to 460 m3 / h)

Remove microorganisms harmful to health

Every day the spread of the “Corona Virus” is more worrying.

That is why businesses and houses are using Ozone Generators

In addition, MGO3 keeps insects, rodents, cockroaches and other pests away as a result of its oxidizing and disinfecting power

Uses in any area

The MGO3 generator is a modular system, that is, it depends on the size of the place and if necessary it is expandable, making the devices “dialogue” with each other through their own Wi-Fi connection.

For example, if you have a medium / large venue, a custom configuration may be required.

This makes the MGO3 system one of a kind.

Finally, the idea is to generate a sufficient amount of Ozone and keep it at a density higher than 0.4 mg / m3 for more than 20 minutes.

All this is possible with MGO3

Install Our Ozone Generators according to your case

Sanitizing spaces like:

Factories – Medical Centers – Hotels – Hospitals – Clinics – Gyms

Business Cleaning such as:

Warehouses – Restaurants – Pharmacies – Butchers – Food – Hairdressers – Perfumeries

Disinfect and eliminate bad odors in:

Flats – Houses – Chalets – Common Areas of Buildings

Elimination of Bacteria Viruses, Fungi and Microorganisms in Places with no air outlet such as:

Ontological Centers – Dentists – Offices – Private Offices – Public Offices – Cooking Workshops – Veterinary Centers – Music Schools – Dance Rooms

Air Purification in open and closed meeting places such as:

Hospitality – Night Clubs – Discotheques – Pubs – Bars – Casinos – Game Rooms